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I hate when I feel like I’ve binged and my head is all ugh I’m such a fat shit I can barely move I’m so full what the actual fuck but then the rational part of my brain kicks in like …you had two bread rolls and two licorice logs. That is all. Chill.


Lively Ditchwater #303 (2014)


Lively Ditchwater #303 (2014)

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Henri Matisse’s Still Life with Blue Tablecloth, State Hermitage MuseumAndy Freeberg

Henri Matisse’s Still Life with Blue Tablecloth, State Hermitage Museum
Andy Freeberg

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shout out to everybody who has school soon

i believe in you

you will be excellent this year

and if you’re not that’s ok too it doesn’t mean you’re not smart

just remember to take care of yourself because your mental health is more important than your grades ok?

group hug ily all

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Blue- Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Yves Klein

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what i learned from school

  1. im a fucking piece of shit
  2. everybody else is also a fucking piece of shit
  3. mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
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why the hell did we all learn the exact words

"the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

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Queue’s back to normal tomorrow (▰˘◡˘▰)

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click thru

click thru

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Oh, for fucks sake, grow up.

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May on Twitter

About to go insane. Cannot deal with 24/7 company and conversation. Shut up and go away. [13 May]

Ooooop you can get out of my house and stop making mess (✿◠‿◠) [26 May]

People need to stop saying they know how cold I am. Are you two-layers-of-wool-and-considering-a-blanket cold at the warmest hr of the day? [27 May]

I love it when people take it upon themselves to decorate my homework with footprints. You shouldn’t have! (Literally. Fuck off.) [27 May]

"Oh, you cleaned up after [my pet]." Eh, when the kitty litter can no longer absorb any more moisture, that’s kind of a clue for cleaning [28 May]

Life Hack: if you want my parents to like you, actually hold conversation with them. Initiate conversation with them! Just. Talk. To. Them. [28 May]

A veiled insult is still an insult. So shut the fuck up [30 May]

Hey would it be okay if at this emotionally tumultuous time for your family I invited someone to your house because baby bunnies [31 May]
#pt - literally a conversation someone thought was appropriate this eveningwhen my grandma’s been dead not 24 hours and my dad is about as far away from her body as it is humanly possible to be while still on the planet [31 May]

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Going to Marian’s for the weekend, the rabbits will be fine 28/5/2014Digital Photography2592 x 1456 pixels

Going to Marian’s for the weekend, the rabbits will be fine 28/5/2014
Digital Photography
2592 x 1456 pixels

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I’m not sure why people make zero effort to talk to my parents and then complain that they’re hated by them. What… what were you expecting?

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June on Twitter

I adore when someone is explicitly told ‘don’t do X’ and then not 5 minutes later they go and do X [1 Jun]

Life Hack: if you want my parents to like you, maybe actually listen to them when they give you an instruction [1 Jun]

Baby animals on a sheepskin rug is definitely a A+ idea. Great job. [2 Jun]

You’re right. 11pm is the absolute perfect optimal time to clean out your pets. [2 Jun]

It’s weird how logburners are made with doors. Can the fire still burn with the door shut? Are they maybe designed that way?? [2 Jun]

Yes, please do use two days’ worth of newspaper on one small mammal. Clearly we have a limitless supply especially for you [2 Jun]

"I don’t see the point of a smoke detector in the kitchen." Fuck off then, don’t use our kitchen. [3 Jun]

"So why does your hair fall out? ʘ‿ʘ" I don’t know, you also suffer from an ED so you tell me why my hair falls out [3 Jun]

Plastic plates don’t go in the microwave. Croissants don’t need to be microwaved at full power for a full minute. I am not your mother. [4 Jun]

"Rabbits LOVE fruit toast." Mhmmm. Google would heartily disagree with you there, doll. But keep telling me how you’re a ‘rabbit expert’ [4 Jun]

How is it difficult to work out when your pet wants attention. How are you a pet owner [4 Jun]

Our furniture was here before you and your pets were, so I swear to fucking Christ if your rabbit eats anymore chairs I’m not defending you[4 Jun]

Orrrrr you could not let your pet eat another one of our towels. That would be nice. [4 Jun]

You know when someone tells such a bald-faced lie that you don’t respond because you don’t even know where you’d start? Keep tallking, doll [4 Jun]

Reminder: I do not owe kindness to anyone who makes me feel uncomfortable in my own home [5 Jun]
Reminder: I am allowed to feel upset [6 Jun]

Always worrying when someone can’t tell the difference between urine and water [7 Jun]

Zero time for people who only wear one layer and complain about the cold. It is winter. Put a jumper on. I’m wearing 3. I’d lend you one but [9 Jun]

Sat here listening to someone tell an institution that they don’t see the point of official paperwork. I’m sure this will work out great [11 Jun]

Please tell me more about how my dad is ‘faking’ his broken ribs. I am enthralled by your opinions [11 Jun]

It’s hard to be sympathetic about my father going ‘psycho’ when I completely understand why he got upset [11 Jun]
I mean, I would have internalised my feelings on the matter. He’s incredibly vocal and I’m not sure why this is still surprising [11 Jun]
(Spoiler alert: the people who live with him do not find it surprising and frankly find the whole matter uninteresting) [11 Jun]

Having a cleaner does not make someone ‘hoity toity’ [12 Jun]
Especially when the employers are nearing-retirement-age professionals that you only know by sight. You do not know people’s stories [12 Jun]

Odd how one person can unintentionally and completely unexpectedly improve my relationship with my father [12 Jun]
My dad does do shitty things but I won’t sit here and listen to a stranger incessantly bitch about him, thinking that they’re the saint [12 Jun]

Katy Perry’s back catalogue is *definitely* the perfect background music for essay-writing. Thank you. Genius. -_- [13 Jun]

Do you think StudyLink would accept ‘living with a 13y/o reincarnation of myself, hence only able to complete part-time study’ as an excuse? [15 Jun]
I swear my parents are underrated saints for having put up with me for so long[15 Jun]

"You’re welcome" is on the tip of my tongue, but in order to say that I need gratitude to be expressed first [17 Jun]

I need people to stop telling me when they’re cold. If you find it chilly I’m inevitably freezing my tits off. Go put a jumper on [19 Jun]

Fuck the mornings when it’s frosty, this balmy morning is definitely in need of an all-day fire [25 Jun]

"You’re up early!" um, the day doesn’t start when you eventually roll out of bed [25 Jun]

Wowee. Try and handle my belongings with even less respect, I want to see if it’s humanly possible [25 Jun]

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