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Dior Trianon ad campaign for spring 2014

Dior Trianon ad campaign for spring 2014

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tattoos by amanda wachob (x)

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Nadezda Fava | Buy it here
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This Anzac Day can we also talk about the men with invisible illnesses who weren’t allowed to go to war but were publicly vilified for ‘cowardice’

This Anzac Day can we also talk about my great grandfather who - for the good of the country - was required to stay working his farm, but who still had shitheads putting white feathers in his mailbox


Tattoo by Princesstattoo Silvia, Forli’ Italy.


Tattoo by Princesstattoo Silvia, Forli’ Italy.

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How do you confuse Hot Fuzz and Top Gun.


Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst Scarf Collaboration

Dancer Yang Liping in a modern rendition of the traditional Dai dance.


Dancer Yang Liping in a modern rendition of the traditional Dai dance.

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Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent

 ” Poussière d’étoiles” is a series realized by French photographer Ludovic Florent. He gives pride of place to dancers full of grace by adding flour. Sand grains highlight the majestic movement effect of their dance. More photos in the next part of the article.

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Anonymous asked: Don't you think it's inappropriate for a so called 'feminist blog' to be making Kim Kardashian seem like a role model? Shouldn't you be posting about women with real strength and intelligence not these fake talentless fame hungry; gold diggers? They are single handedly setting back the feminist movement and I don't think you should support that.



I’m sorry what did you say about my girl Kim?? 

She is a woc who turned a man betraying her trust and publicly shaming and embarrassing her into a multi-million dollar industry for her friends and family. She is the Mary of our time. I don’t understand how that is “talentless” or unintelligent. 

Here is a quick list of 5 reasons why y’all are wrong about Kim Kardashian:

  1. Here are a few charities Kim Kardashian is known to donate to and support:

 2. When Kim’s marriage publicly fell apart and she was being constantly ridiculed by assholes like you, do you know what she did?? She donated twice the value of her wedding gifts ($200,000) to the Dream Foundation because she felt GUILTY that her marriage didn’t work out. Because people were trying to shame her into staying in a loveless marriage. Do you know what Kris Humphries did? Fuck all. 

3. She speaks and donates regularly at events to help impoverished or otherwise disenfranchised women. Ugh. So fake. Helping out other women. 

4. Actually, she gives 10% of all her income to charity which is the recommended amount for anyone to donate. As of June 2013, she had earned $10m - you do the math. How much did YOU and your favourites donate last year?? Yeah, sit down. 

5. When she was pregnant, she was likened to Shamu the orca whale because she put on weight BECAUSE SHE WAS GROWING A BABY INSIDE OF HER. Despite this straight up bullying, she put her family first and continued to eat right for her daughter. How selfish. So weak.

If you think the actions of one woman can undermine a whole movement, you gotta rethink what feminism means to you.

Also, never talk to me about Kim Kardashian unless you acknowledge that she is a strong business women who can make the best out of a bad situation. I love Kim K.

BEST post I’ve seen on tumblr in a long time, sick of the countless asks I get whenever I post a picture of Kim. I absolutely adore her and believe she is a fantastic role model in terms of monetizing sexism - literally profiting off of peoples deluded belief systems whilst supporting other women. Love her crazily x

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This is not fucking funny.

She’s Armenian. And she’s trying to help recognize the genocide like MANY others. It’s not right to make fun of it.

i completely agree. i’m armenian, too.

Because God forbid a high-profile celebrity commemorate any tragedy…

ugh white dudes

1.5 million people died but lol Kim Kardashian sucks amirite

I hope Jason Biggs trips over the last step of the stairs forever

….are you fucking kidding me.

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assholery white boys and actually just fucking sickening

♪ the cold never bothered me anyway ♫


♪ the cold never bothered me anyway ♫

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nsfw omfg

Please, keep entering my ask and anonymously quoting the DSM at me. You know how that gets me hot.

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Yes hello everyone with a triggering ed url pls get out of my notifications kthx