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Nicki Minaj featured in W magazine transformed by Francesco Vezzoli. Director of photography: Pasquale Abbattista. Styled by Edward Enninful. Hair by Terrence Davidson at I.A.T. Management. Makeup by Aaron de Mey for Lancôme at Art Partner. Set design by Stefan Beckman at Exposure NY.


1 - Nicki Minaj as Françoise Athénaïs de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Marquise de Montespan

Dior Haute Couture’s silk embroidered ensemble. Saint Vintage brass and vintage Czech glass bead necklace (in hair); David Yurman 18k yellow gold and pearl necklace.

Françoise Athénaïs de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Marquise de Montespan by Elle Louis-Ferdinand.


2 - Nicki Minaj as Marie Jeanne Bécu, comtesse du Barry

Dior Haute Couture’s silk chiffon embroidered dress. Mastoloni 18k white gold, cultured pearl, and diamond bracelets; vintage Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Marie Jeanne Bécu, comtesse du Barry by Francois-Hubert Drouais.


3 - Nicki Minaj as Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour

Western Costume Company’s lace and silk brocade dress. Mastoloni 18k white gold, cultured pearl, and diamond bracelets.

Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour by François Boucher.


4 - Nicki Minaj as Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov.

Vera Wang’s garza and French tulle ballgown.

Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.


Nicki Minaj fashion art
"We as women are trained to see ourselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs, rather than seeing fashion photographs as cheap imitations of women." fashion feminism although i'm not entirely sure body shaming false body positivity 'real women have curves' ?

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Disney Disney Princess art

by Beth Kirby | {local milk}
interiors English countryside despite being in Ireland homesick as fuck
"Sometimes I find myself sitting in one spot for hours, staring at nothing, thinking of nothing, feeling nothing, and, most disturbingly, caring about nothing." me every day


Having a little twirl….







like there are literally millions of people who suffer from mental illness but can’t access decent care, so every time i see someone go on a tangent about self-diagnosers i want to ask them what they think those people should do instead.

i am dead fucking serious. tell me….

I struggle with clinical depression and anxiety. I am someone who has personal experience with what it means to be triggered…all things that professionals have confirmed and work with me on.

It would be quite easy for someone with my symptoms to think they were OCD. OCD is a type of anxiety disorder…something i think a lot of people don’t realize. And thats one of the problems with self diagnoses. A lot of mental illnesses are related or interconnected. It is best for a professional to analyze what is happening and best course of treatment.

Another trend i notice is that a lot of self diagnosed people use it as an excuse. I get that not everyone can afford therapy or other professionals. But there is a lot you can do. So to answer OP and what i expect them to do…instead of researching your mental illness…research self help and self therapy

What the hell even is that answer? How do you research “self help and self therapy” effectively without first identifying the problem? Yes, self-diagnosis can go awry, which is why it’s important that it be undertaken responsibly, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. And of course professional help is ideal, but that’s an irrelevant point in this context.

Oh, and that bit about self-diagnosed people “using it as an excuse” sounds like some run-of-the-mill ableist bullshit.

There are amazing books written by therapists and psychologists out there. Many are more generalized because, as i already stated, a lot of mental illnesses are connected. They are great foundations for people to build on as a start toward recovery. I know of therapists who work on a sliding scale. I know another who offer “scholarships” to help them get free therapy (using donations made by those who can). I know a doctor and psychologist who has a very good self help group on facebook.

This is stuff i found when i needed help i couldnt afford. There is bound to be so much more if people took the time.

Though, given by your hostility toward me…I am sure you dont give a fuck about people getting help or the position those of us against self diagnoses actually holds. This is quite apparent by the strawman argument you ended on by suggesting I’m ableist. I would offer to clarify my stance since you seem to misunderstand…but you dont appear to be wanting to have a discussion.

Then why did you write this point-missing bullshit in the first place? You have to identify a problem before you can solve it—if you have mental illness self-help books are rarely enough, and depending on your illness, they can be incredibly dangerous. For more on why it’s often impossible to treat yourself without first engaging in some kind of self-diagnosis, please see my various posts on the matter: 1, 2, 3.

As far as therapists working on a sliding scale, that’s still not free, and therefore not affordable for many people in poverty. And no, not everyone will be able to find other resources, especially not if they live in rural communities. (Which I have, so yes, I know something about this.) Plus, you know, that whole point is irrelevant, since my post was specifically about people who can’t access any decent care.

I know that self-diagnosis can be dangerous, but I will always defend it so long as there are people without access to decent, affordable mental health care, and will try to offer more sources and information that help them undertake self-diagnosis responsibly. If you maintain your anti-self diagnosis stance in the face of people who are suffering and can’t access care, then yes, you are ableist and classist. Because there are few things more dangerous than knowing something is wrong while living in a world that does nothing to help you, and I will never deny someone’s right to name their problems.

You are right about one thing, though: I have absolutely zero interest in having a discussion with someone like you. Run along now.


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Hasid Palestine

Classic Ralph Lauren Green Plaid Tartan Wool Wrap Skirt with Scarf Fringe
(William Morris tattoo not included.)
Everything about this is perfect fashion tattoo tattoo most definitely included

One last time.

1 day ago

Realise that when you singled out ‘oviously overwieght and obese’ people, you singled out only fat people and thus entered the realm of fat-shaming.

Realise that you are a faceless stranger on the internet who is telling people they are not thin enough to claim the eating disorder they’re actively trying to adopt.

Realise what the fucking implications of that are.

We are not discussing this




contemporary embroidery contemporary cross-stitch tartan

green rainy day. (by Minji Autumn)

this look is so good it is upsetting me


green rainy day. (by Minji Autumn)

this look is so good it is upsetting me

baben fashion

"Okay, I get that fat shaming is real but, you seriously need to just think about this from a doctors point of view."

1 day ago


fat shaming fatphobia this is why I'm not engaging with you because if you properly understood fatphobia you wouldn't even mentally form this sentence We are not discussing this


Forever fucking defend fat people with eating disorders

We are not discussing this

If you don’t see an issue with going into the pro-ana/thinspo tag and telling someone they’re too fat to be anorexic you need to go sit in a darkened room and evaluate what your life has come to. 

fat shaming fatphobia We are not discussing this